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Subject: Re: [CR]chiorda-colnagos and Paramount questions
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My $0.02: Many Paramounts were made from the 50's to early 70's with Nervex lugs and either chrome forkends only or no chrome at all. Until @ 1970 most had really nice pinstriping. A store in Los Angeles, I Martin Imports, sold a number of Colnagos with Chiorda labelling, a few even had fully pantographed Colnago parts. Maybe a Los Angeles area listmember has seen one of these bikes, I know one was ridden on some La Grange rides and 4 races around 1976 or 1977--the rider was almost as slow as me. David Feldman

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Subject: [CR]chiorda-colnagos and Paramount questions

> I have a couple of questions about older bikes.
> What is a Chiroda-Colnago bike? The frame is decaled with Chiroda, but it
> appears to be made by Colnago. It has the Colnago Club cutout in the
> bottom bracket. It is a track bike.
> Were there Paramounts from the Schwinn factory that had non-chromed Nervex
> lugs? Was this a special model or could it have been a special order? The
> bike I'm looking at is from the sixties and does not appear to have had the
> lugs painted over, but I'm not a terribly good judge of such things unless
> it's obvious, in which case, no judgment is needed.
> Thank you.
> Cheers.
> Tom
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