Re: [CR]69 Raleigh Pro frame on ebay - a slight caution

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Date: Thu, 02 Aug 2001 14:09:21 -0700
From: "Brian Baylis" <>
To: Sterling Peters <>
Subject: Re: [CR]69 Raleigh Pro frame on ebay - a slight caution
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Well it wasn't me that told you that, since I don't think I've even seen the bike in question. In addition, I know very little about Raleigh bikes, other that they're a bitch to take apart. Mike is a far better authority on this that I am, for sure. Best you didn't get that information from me. Hope that helps.

Brian Baylis Raleighframeus Ignoramus
> Larry, the story about it being a 68 German Olympic team copy is what I was
> told eather by Mike Kone or Brian Baylis, I think but I can not remember for
> sure, which one of them if eather. But I think it is true, it makes sense to
> me. Can any one out there back this up?
> Sterling
> >From: Larry Osborn <>
> >To:
> >Subject: [CR]69 Raleigh Pro frame on ebay - a slight caution
> >Date: Thu, 02 Aug 2001 16:45:01 -0400
> >
> >Greetings closet vexillologists and future Raleigh-phobes
> >
> >Saw this on ebay today, and recognized at least one bidder as a group
> >member, so thought I would just throw in a quick little caution.
> ><blah>
> >
> >Frame does indeed appear to be a repainted 69 Raleigh Pro frame, and the
> >absence of any chrome is correct for that year/model. However, I just have
> >to question the description of the model as being "a replica of the 68
> >German Olympic team bikes", as justified by the original paint scheme of
> >white with red, black, orange colored bands on the seattube, the bands
> >being "the colors of the German flag". Almost had me going with that one,
> >it seemed so logical, and I'm more accustomed to seeing the old white ones
> >repainted metallic blue/grey to disguise them as the (usually) more
> >desireable later model, so the honest and open admission that it was a
> >repaint put me off guard. The original paint scheme is described
> >correctly, BUT the rest of the story may just be a little "creative
> >salesmanship". Perhaps soon to become just another bit of vintage
> >misinformation folklore. If anybody can verify this story, I'd like to
> >hear it. But for now I have to doubt it. The German flag has black, red,
> >and yellow bands top to bottom. Not quite a color match with the Pro, and
> >also a different order top to bottom.
> >
> >Not trying to deter potential bidders. Nothing to gain. Nothing to lose.
> >Not my size. Frame looks fine. It is what it is, just an old Raleigh, but
> >nothing more. You can wrap it in the flag (or the "vexillum", if you prefer
> >latin), but the clothes have no emperor.
> >
> >All answers questioned
> >Larry "with white Raleigh Pros strapped to my toes" Osborn
> >Miles-from-Nowhere, WV