[CR]BOB/CR/Sachs Aug 12 Nyack ride report

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Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2001 06:48:16 -0700 (PDT)
From: "John Zung" <jrzung@yahoo.com>
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Subject: [CR]BOB/CR/Sachs Aug 12 Nyack ride report

The ride from the George Washington Bridge to Nyack is a 42 mile ride that is the most travelled route among NYC cyclists. On a nice day, you might see nearly a hundred riders during the ride. The ride across the bridge and along Hudson River Road offers spectacular scenery and a couple of good sized climbs. The Nyack food stop is the Runcible Spoon, a bakery/cafe that is frequented by so many cyclists, it features 4 bike racks.

Nyack is a quaint town along the Hudson River and has been home to many Hollywood types (Al Pacino for one). The return trip has many options and we rode through the nice 'burbs of Demarest and Tenafly.

The threatening weather scared a few riders but nary a drop fell on our merry bunch of 16 riders. List members included Jamie Swann, Bill Canilang, Steve Freides, Craig Ascher, Paul & Rita Lee, and John Segal. There was quite a collection of bikes including an Atala tandem, custom Bilenky (a steel 15.5lb bike), Panasonic titanium (built by Sandvik, trivia question of the day), Sachs cyclocross, Rivendell (the only black one in existence), classic 1993 yellow Bridgestone RB-1, Heron, and even a Paramount mtb.

It must have been the exhilaration of all us being together (and actually making it on time), as the pace was quite brisk (20-22mph in the flats & rollers). In addition, the pace was enlivened by the sprinters contending for green jersey points at the town lines and NY/NJ state line. Nevertheless, the peleton stayed together.

The three major climbs were paced Steve Freides with his ultraweight Bilenky, as well as Eddy and Greg who have been altitude training in the Rockies. The last long climb at the 35 mile mark separated the fit and the I-wish-were-more-fit. Yours truly was the driver of the gruppetto.

All in all it was a great ride and the weather gods were good to us. It was good to put some faces together with the names on the list. I plan to host another ride out of my home in Northern NJ with a BBQ in the fall, so keep your schedules for late Sept or early Oct. Another Nyack ride is also on the planning board.