Re: [CR]Brev. Camp, Patent Campagnolo or nothing???

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Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2001 07:48:44 -0400
Subject: Re: [CR]Brev. Camp, Patent Campagnolo or nothing???
From: "Richard M Sachs" <>

on all areas of imprintment, (is that a word??), 'patent' preceeded 'brev.' on the timeline. EXCEPT on the brake bolt. 'brev.' is the older marking here... e-RICHIE

On Wed, 29 Aug 2001 19:43:39 +1000 "Bruce & Marie Van Remortel" <> writes:
> I have all three (Patent, Brev. Camp., and nothing) on my various
> brake
> center bolts, not sure if "Patent" came before "brev. camp." That's
> MY
> guess.
> My "Patent"s came with Old Logo (Sunshine) hoods, straight QR's, old
> steel
> wheel guides, and brake lever handles with the engraved "pivot," etc
> (in a
> dusty box, which I love!), so I'm guessing from everything I've seen
> in my
> 1973-1977 Bicycling! Magazine Collection, that they are period
> correct for
> mid-70's.
> Now brakes could be the exception to the rule, but most of the other
> parts
> (pedal dust caps, chain ring bolts, etc) that have a "Patent" are up
> to
> mid-70's (1977?) and "brev. camp." is 1978 - early eighties (after
> the CPSC
> forced 'safe' components). "No marking" center bolts is when it
> all
> started going down the you-know-what... 1984 I believe.
> Love to hear from others to confirm or deny these findings. The
> cranksets
> and NR/SR derailleurs are so easy to date, too bad the rest of the
> components are not as simple...
> Bruce VR- "old-logo'ed, bumpy-levered, steel guided, number in a
> diamond"
> Campagnolo-Lover (Phil Wood is cool too!)
> P.S. Oh yeah, I too prefer the SECOND (of 3) generation "Rally,"
> although
> it can't be opened up like the non-reinforced version a few years
> prior...
> but who ever did that anyway?