RE: [CR]Masi vs Waterford-Very Insightful , Garth

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Subject: RE: [CR]Masi vs Waterford-Very Insightful , Garth
Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2001 10:11:01 -0400
Thread-Topic: [CR]Masi vs Waterford-Very Insightful , Garth
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Gilbert Anderson wrote, in part...
>The reason the Waterford is less desirable than the Masi to our humble group has nothing to do with ride,

quality of build, alignment or reputation.

Aren't these the qualities that we should hold in highest regard?
> The lack of any chrome plating,

You can get the stainless steel head lug option.
>pantographing, fancier paint and most important; decals that please the eye hold this machine back.

True perhaps, but with the optional panel treatment the paint can be quite handsome. Decals, Hmmm.., "most important"??!! Really?
> A sporty headbadge would not hurt either.

Well, who wouldn't like a headbadge but I find the Waterford headtube "Crest"(?), to be very tasteful.
> I feel that a Waterford with old time Guercoitti(sic) or Masi style transfers would be easier to sell today and much more desirable later.

Again, this may be true. But, how sad. Is beauty only skin deep? The fact remains that one can pick up the phone & talk to Richard Schwinn about "your" frame. Could one ever do that with a Masi? If Gilbert is right about the above things "holding this machine back".., well, maybe we deserve a world full of Giant TCR's & S-bend seat & chainstay's. Not that those are bad things...

Richard ("the details are not the details, they are the product." (Charles Eames"), Rose Toledo, Ohio