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Subject: [CR]Re: Marinoni- Reynolds/Columbus frame

When a rider gets in the Pro ranks and "climbs the ladder" with recognized victories, they often choose custom frames. These custom frames have decals that are applied to advertise the Team sponsor, not the original builder. Mine is one of these Team frames.

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Strange that a Columbus frame would be billed as 531, except that if I remember by the mid eighties Columbus had the edge over Reynolds in terms of being more in vogue. This was because Italy was more chic and Britain less. The upper echelon Raleigh USA frames were made in England, but many were sourced out to Asian factories and some were even made of Tange tubing with Reynolds look a like tube stickers. My main ride says Raleigh USA on it and also shows Reynolds stickers 531-C and made in England stickers. The team bike was 700 series tubing and also 531 depending on rider preference, with the heavier riders prefering 531-C. Garth