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Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 21:09:37 -0500
From: "Steve Freides" <>
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To: Richard M Sachs <>
Subject: Re: [CR]cyclocross on television
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Just wanted to say I watched this earlier today and it was a _great_ race. I only wish they'd shown a bit more of it but they showed enough to get the flavor of what transpired, and Jonathan Page came across as a very savvy, not to mention talented, cyclocross rider.

And he was always readily identifiable by the red of his jersey!

Great stuff!


Richard M Sachs wrote:
> hi. please watch this show on tv this sunday. see jonathan page take it
> to the competition and win the biggest race of the season!!!*** tell
> one. tell all. e-RICHIE
> ***on a 3.6lb 'traditional' steel frame with three lugs and two genuine
> metal seatstays!!!
> OLN to Air Baltimore SuperCup Finals Show
> Feb. 10 NEWTON, Mass. (Jan. 12, 2002) – The Outdoor Life Network will air
> the 2001 SuperCup finals on Sunday, Feb. 10, at 3 p.m.
> This 30-minute show is a well-produced highlight show of both the men and
> women’s SuperCup cyclocross series finals race held Dec. 16 in
> Baltimore’s Patterson Park.
> The show is the result of a three-year partnership between Broganer
> Productions/Global Television Network and Kiron Group, which promotes the
> SuperCup. The show was produced by David Broganer, based in Acton, Mass.
> “We’re excited about this show because of how many things went so well in
> Baltimore,” said Lyle Fulkerson, president of Kiron Group that promotes
> the SuperCup. “We had good crowds, great weather and perhaps the most
> exciting SuperCup of all time.”
> Fulkerson said the ultimate goal of the Kiron Group has been to bring
> world-class cyclocross to American television.
> “I saw cyclocross at the 1995 nationals saw great opportunity,” said
> Fulkerson. “I realized that for television the crowd is as important as
> the race. And nothing, nothing tops a SuperCup crowd.”
> “I just helped with the commentary but I saw the final production,” said
> Richard Fries, SuperCup race announcer. “These guys poured a lot of
> production value into this. That started by having five cameras at the
> event and went right through the editing process.”
> The SuperCup cyclocross series is North America’s premier cyclocross race
> series. The 2001 series had stops in Gloucester, Mass.; Chicago and
> Baltimore. Sponsors of the series included Saturn, Clif Bar, Festina USA,
> Selle Italia, Graber Products, Time Sport USA, and Velo News.