Re: [CR]Rivendell & higher handlebars

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Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 01:22:11 EST
Subject: Re: [CR]Rivendell & higher handlebars

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> I watch Tour de France videos and I am amazed on how many professional
> riders can ride with a perfectly horizontal and straight back, but I can't
> do it.

Aha! Observe most (but not all) local cyclists in the dropped position and see them hinge forward in the upper middle back, exactly the opposite of the good pro's. It's not just a question of flexibility but of controlling range of motion gained by stretching. Some ride well in the short term because and in spite of ease of form. It's not just a question of getting a flat back but how seamless/effortless it is t to maintain it.
         This may be a difficult area to get a handle on. Stretching allows more slack in the body movement system but if the soft ware for movement is programmed for sloppy movement one gets only more sloppy movement, only perfecting the problem.
         Control of movement is the issue from the get go.
         Throwing money at problems is no more or less responsible than throwing range of motion at loss of motor (movement) control.
         Getting a flat back in a dynamic environment isn't about just making a more flexible body; it's about controlling movements locally and globally all at once.
         Flexibility is the start, clever movement exercises may complete the task.
        If we are able to experience a moment that compels us to change what we do than that is worth more than any intellectual amusement the Internet or any words can offer.
         Gain flexibility, but be specific in movement control. For some it is a natural but it is not an entitlement.