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Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 16:23:24 -0800 (PST)
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Would greatly like to see a scan of that catalog! Paul Genaro over trexlertown pa

--- Bicycle Classics inc wrote:

> As one of the lists Herse fans, I thought I'd

\r?\n> mention that Herse in perhaps

\r?\n> his first catalog (late 40's?) shows a ladies

\r?\n> bicycle with a pretty fancy

\r?\n> motor built onto it. As I understand it, motorizing

\r?\n> even a top-tier French

\r?\n> touring type bike was in vogue at a certain time in

\r?\n> the late 40's or

\r?\n> perhaps 50's. If I recall a conversation I had with

\r?\n> a French bicycle

\r?\n> expert, the famous builder Daudon (I could be

\r?\n> mistaken on the name of the

\r?\n> builder here) basically phased out most regular

\r?\n> bicycle building and took

\r?\n> up exotic work on these strange bicycle/motorized

\r?\n> contraptions.


\r?\n> As for me, the thought of imposing the smells of a 2

\r?\n> stroke engine and the

\r?\n> noise on an otherwise tranquil spring morning makes

\r?\n> no sense. Then again,

\r?\n> for many folks the idea that someone would enjoy a

\r?\n> brisk morning climb up a

\r?\n> 2,000 foot mountain is equally silly. Mike

\r?\n> "starring at the mountains in

\r?\n> Boulder" Kone