RE: [CR]Campy quill pedal question

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Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 07:52:12 -0800 (PST)
From: "Tom Dalton" <>
Subject: RE: [CR]Campy quill pedal question
To: David Bilenkey <>
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I recall a series of posts on this issue not long ago. One listmember pointed out that the bodies that made it onto the SR pedals had a nicer finish. Who knows if this was true at all times, or nver, or if some of the SR pedals got special treatment and others didn't. It would not be unlike Campy to put a "special finish" on some early SR pedals and then get tired of the extra work and revert back to the standard finish... or for the quality of the standard finish to vary considerably over time.

The pressed-in races on the SR pedals are different from all the others because they are made for use with 1/8" balls insted of the 5/32" balls of the NR/SL pedals. I am virtually certain that the pedal bodies are all machined the same way and will accept either race.

Tom Dalton
Bethlehem, PA

--- David Bilenkey wrote:

> I was aware that there was a difference and that the

\r?\n> guts of the Ti and

\r?\n> steel spindle versions were not interchangeable, but

\r?\n> I'd suspect (from a

\r?\n> manufacturing standpoint) that the main body casting

\r?\n> would have been the

\r?\n> same, perhaps with slightly different internal

\r?\n> machining. From all the

\r?\n> pedals I've seen the black alloy cages appear to be

\r?\n> the same (for both Ti

\r?\n> and steel spindled)....


\r?\n> Just looking at a handy Ti pedal (50th) and a couple

\r?\n> other SL pedals there

\r?\n> is no real visible external difference in the

\r?\n> casting or cage.


\r?\n> David Bilenkey

\r?\n> Ottawa, Ontario, Canada



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\r?\n> also:

\r?\n> the sr ti spindles and guts don't fit in either of

\r?\n> the nr pedals,

\r?\n> the 1037 or the 1037a. so there must be more to it

\r?\n> than that

\r?\n> the same black cage was used for both types.

\r?\n> can anyone verify this?

\r?\n> e-RICHIE

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\r?\n> On Sun, 24 Feb 2002 21:04:37 -0800 Bill Bryant

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\r?\n> writes:

\r?\n> > Yes, you are indeed correct; I erroneously

\r?\n> overlooked that

\r?\n> > short-lived

\r?\n> > version--perhaps for understandable reasons. ;-)

\r?\n> > OTOH, I wrote that "Classic Campy" pedals are the

\r?\n> same except for

\r?\n> > the cages. I

\r?\n> > would offer that the Ti SR version fell somewhat

\r?\n> outside that

\r?\n> > category and

\r?\n> > belong in an exotic group, not the classic one.

\r?\n> >

\r?\n> > Bill Bryant

\r?\n> > Santa Cruz.

\r?\n> >

\r?\n> >

\r?\n> >

\r?\n> > Questor wrote:

\r?\n> >

\r?\n> > > I believe that Campy briefly marketed titanium

\r?\n> axles for the

\r?\n> > Superleggera

\r?\n> > > black alloy pedals. Because they proved to be

\r?\n> too brittle and

\r?\n> > cracked

\r?\n> > > easily, Campy converted in 1978 to all-steel

\r?\n> axles. Yes, there

\r?\n> > are

\r?\n> > > additional differences!

\r?\n> > >

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\r?\n> > > Subject: Re: [CR]Campy quill pedal question

\r?\n> > >

\r?\n> > > > Classic Campy pedals are all the same on the

\r?\n> inside. The only

\r?\n> > difference

\r?\n> > > is the

\r?\n> > > > chrome steel cage versus black anodized alloy

\r?\n> cage (and the road

\r?\n> > versus

\r?\n> > > track

\r?\n> > > > cage designs.)

\r?\n> > > >

\r?\n> > > > Bill Bryant

\r?\n> > > > Santa Cruz, CA

\r?\n> > > >

\r?\n> > > >

\r?\n> > > >

\r?\n> > > > "Jon M. Schaer" wrote:

\r?\n> > > >

\r?\n> > > > > Is there any mechanical or design difference

\r?\n> between the

\r?\n> > silver-cage and

\r?\n> > > the

\r?\n> > > > > black-cage models?

\r?\n> > > > >

\r?\n> > > > > Thanks,

\r?\n> > > > >

\r?\n> > > > > Jon Schaer

\r?\n> > > > > Columbus, OH