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From: "Alan Schaeffer" <>
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Subject: Re: [CR]Stitched Leather Handlebar Wrap
Date: Thu, 9 May 2002 09:10:43 -0400

Hi Guy,

Bicycle Classics is going to offer a very high quality stitch-on leather soon. It is in the tradition of the VIP bar/stem combos from Cinelli, and Rhode Gear Handlebar Hide. While it is quite expensive, it is of the highest quality, and, being made specifically for harsh outdoor conditions, it is permanent. It will be available in several thicknesses and many colors, mostly blacks, whites, and variations on tans and naturals,and in smoothes and suedes, etc. The thinnest is not going to be as thin as some of the Italian bar coverings I've seen, but is thinner than Handlebar Hide. The thickest is more plush than most of us would need. It will also be much more supple and easier to install. It is stitched with a baseball type stitch and draws quite tight. It conforms in most cases without any wrinkling and won't 'walk' around the bar. If you want a 'factory installation' I have done many and could do yours, but it is time consuming, and costs about a dollar an inch for the labor. I have also worked with the zipper stuff and it is thin! But at the end of the day you still have a zipper on your handlebar...Not VIP to me. If you want to do it right once let me know.

Alan Schaeffer
now of Bicycle Classics
Danielson, CT

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Subject: [CR]Stitched Leather Handlebar Wrap

> I have a 83' Bianchi catalog from Retro-Velo. On the cover there is a
> Specialissima with "Almarc" stitched leather handlebar wrap (black).
> Is this stuff available or is it just as good to go and use some
> black fabric tape? What is kosher?
> Thanks,
> Guy Apple
> Sunnyvale, California
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