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Date: Thu, 30 May 2002 13:41:53 -0700
From: Chuck Schmidt <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Peugeot Prestige = PY10E
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Brad Stockwell wrote:
> Peugeot Fans: (cut)
> Note that the 1977 PY10 was different from the 1975 PY10 -- the 1975 bike
> had Nervex lugs while the 1977 bike has head lugs like a Masi (with the
> extra reinforcing flanges where the headset seats -- also used on the
> subsequent Peugeot "Super Competition" model).
> Also noted: a Tour photo shows that at least one of Thevenet's 1975 bikes
> was equiped with the Stronglight 105 crank (not drilled), gold Mafacs and
> gold Simplex derailleurs, and Cinelli Giro bars and 1/A stem -- whereas in
> the 1977 photo on the brochure, the bike has a drilled 105BIS crank, all
> silver components, and Cinelli bars&stem (spec table lists Phillipe polished
> bars & stem though -- of course!).

One more note: After I got the PY10CP, I decided to order another, two years later. This was the PRO10 and it was a real shock when it finally came (another 10 month wait)! Where the PY10CP had been a very no nonsense French team bike, the PRO10 was a real wannabe Italian looker (ginalolabridgida)!

The PY10CP team color was a simple metallic silver and no chrome anywhere. The PRO10 team color was pearl white main tubes with full chrome rear triangle and fork. Oh yes, and the front and rear Simplex fork ends and dropouts were drilled! It also had pantographed seat stay caps on biconical seat stays (very Italian), and pantographed sloping fork crown. The cranks were now the Stronglights that mimicked Campagnolo and the derailleurs were all aluminum, no more delrin plastic (I guess in Fr. that would be plas-TIQUE!). The front derailleur was a Simplex that used a water bottle braze-on for mounting to the seat tube; very clean, but odd in a French way of course. The lugs were now very long point with large windows in place of the previous very short point and no window lugs. And yes, your-name-here on the top tube.

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