Re: I: [CR]Racing Trikes

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Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2002 07:20:56 -0600
Subject: Re: I: [CR]Racing Trikes
From: paul patzkowsky <>

Steven, Brian, The rims on my trike are Super Champions for 27x1 1/4 tires. They have held up quite well. One friend who bought one of the trike kits from me put a disc brake on his front wheel to work with his single caliper brake up front. I don't recall who made the disc brake but he had to braze a mount onto the fork blade for it. This was probably in 1975. He was happy with the results. The year that I first rode the trike I did a 5 hour century. If you have the legs, you can go pretty fast. I am much older now and this kind of effort on a trike is out of the question. I usually use one of my bikes for long rides now but sometimes just to see if I can still do it I will take the trike. Strange looks? Yes and sometimes even startled outbursts. Once, last summer, as I approached a house I saw some kids point at me on the road. One of them ran for the house yelling in Spanish, "Momma, the bicycle, the bicycle!" And motorists never crowd me on the road. Sometimes that even gets embarrassing, like, "Get over here, I won't bite!" By the way, one individual that I frequently bid against on Ebay wrote to ask if I rode a trike because of my email address. He too would like to buy a trike conversion kit for an English style trike. If anyone comes across one, please let me know.

Paul Patzkowsky Longmont, Colorado