Re: Was [CR]WTB: MSR helmet, Now - helmet reminiscences!?

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From: "8pbw" <>
Subject: Re: Was [CR]WTB: MSR helmet, Now - helmet reminiscences!?
Date: Wed, 04 Sep 2002 21:21:45 -0500

I am amazed that there are some out there revering those old helmets of yore. Almost makes me wish that I had saved my very first - a Brancale Sport helmet (sold in a yard-sale along with a Bell helmet a year or two ago). If I remember rightly that was meant to be a track helmet? I wore it as a road helmet as there weren't many alternatives available in Kingston, Ontario in the mid-1970s. Used it right through into the early 90s - got some strange looks and guffaws every time I went out. Saw someone here in Ottawa wearing one the other day - still had the blue stripes with silver stars that I had removed from mine soon after getting it - not cool enough. I had also forgotten that ventilation was not a priority!

Paul "I may have looked like a geek but my skull is still intact" Williams, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada