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Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002 18:38:26 +0200

If you want it to be sent with less chances of it getting damaged, have it sent in 2 boxes!

Shipping of a bike or frame we don't take any chances. If a bike everything comes off less the fixed headset cups and bb.

Complete frame is wrapped in bubble wrap or pipe insalation with the rear fork ends blocked with a block of wood, headtube, bb and seat cluster gets special attention with extra padding of some sort. Then it gets wrapped with shrink wrap paper. Forks will get bubble wrapped twice and will sit piggy back on the rear triangle with a piece of carton seperating the 2, lot of padding there. Then the fork is shrink wrapped to the rear end. Then it's all stuffed into a frame bag and stuffed into a box with lot of paper lining the bottom. Then we fill the box as much as possible with packing material ( News paper ) until the box buldges...................Sometimes we will stuff 2 rolls of rolled up carton inbetween the main triangle and rear triangle, this acts as support from one side to the other.

All other items gets wrapped seperately and packed as best as can be in a 2nd box.

Better safe than sorry.......................Packing 4 framesets tonight and they all will get the treatment, 2nd hand and new.

BC Baron Corpuz.....................And the gang!!..........Eindhoven........Holland.

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> David Bilenkey asks:
> >Not exactly on topic, but I'm looking to send info to the seller of
> that
> >Gardin I snagged on eBay of how to pack a bike. So I'm wondering if
> anyone
> >has shots or can take a shot or two of a well packed/wrapped
> bike...[SNIP]
> I haven't really looked at this too close, but here's an online article
> on bike packing:


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