Re: [CR]Jack Taylor tandem (another one) for sale.

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Date: Tue, 14 May 2002 10:00:03 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]Jack Taylor tandem (another one) for sale.

I too have a Jack Taylor tandem for sale but until seeing Martin's post to the group, I have relegated myself to forever keeping the bike. Reason: I figured there was no cost effective way to ship the bike. But if Martin is willing to sell his and he lives abroad, then I can certainly sell this one from the San Diego area. Preferably someone can drive down here and pick it up. It has been in storage so long I will try and recall exactly what it has. I believe it is 23" front, 21" rear. It is fillet brazed and painted a dark teal metallic with no decals. The paint is in excellent condition, reflecting minimal use. No crashes or accidents either. The bike has mountain bike bars in the front and rear, as I recall. It came originally with Brooks saddles but they were replaced with softer gel type saddles. I have long since used those Brooks saddles on some other road bikes, so they would not be included. The front cranks and the left rear crank arm are TA and the triple rear is a Shimano 600. The rear derailleur , if I remember correctly, is Shimano 600 indexed long cage 7 speed (pre Ultegra.) The wheels are 700C (I'm not certain of the hubs or rims other than to say they are clinchers.) If anyone is interested I can drive the 100 mile round trip to where the bike is stored, take photos and get the exact specifics of what is fuzzy to me (I am the 3rd owner and have never even ridden the bike, so that's why I don't know everything by heart) Price I am asking is $1000 plus shipping (maybe Amtrak is the cheapest for this large oversized item.) Please reply off-list if interested. You may want to delete the (CR) in the subject line when replying so I do not inadvertently delete the message.

Tom Hanson
Carlsbad, CA