[CR]RE: Holdsworth Trike curiosity questions

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"Hey all,

Here's something you never see in the states (I'd never even heard of such a machine till I went on my first cycling holiday in England). A Holdsworth racing Tricycle:


Mark sez:

Thankyou for pointing out these items.The trike is the thing that really got me curious. I was wondering why they made racing trikes. Do other companies make them? You would think that they would be much slower because of the third wheel. I admit that a highwheel looks too scary for me.But slower or faster, the racing trike looks interesting enough- I would certainly try one if I got the chance. Do any listmembers own one or have any experiences they could relate in trying or regularly riding one? Do they have separate races for these trikes?I can see one advantage to people who have trouble extricating their feet from clips-no fear of falling.

Mark(fear of flying clipless) Cutrufelli curious in


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Here's an acrylic Raleigh TI jersey in L (?):


A red/white Mercian track frame with Nervex (?) lugs. 21.5" c to t:


A Bates Cantiflex frame with Diadrant forks. 24" c to t:



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