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Subject: Re: [CR]never let it be said... - and evidence of a crime
Date: Sat, 03 Nov 2007 16:46:17 +0000

We'll I'll beg to differ with Charles. The reason the frame went so cheap is the aero routing on the top tube and downtube for the shifters (none of which is clear in the photos). This was perhaps the greatest mutilation of a vintage bike I can recall seeing.

One could spend hundreds to correct the crimes, then do the repaint, and then at the end of the day still have a tortured frame that is a repaint. I admit I almost bid on it, but unless one was content to enjoy it as is, the frame is forever cursed.

Now the repaint was done by CyclArt. I hope they are not responsible for the mangling of that poor bike (it is not clear that they are, my suspicion is that Jim would have made some effort to talk the customer out of such work). And even if they are, I suppose it is hard to turn down the wishes of a paying customer (especially when everyone has to make a living at this often difficult business). All I can do is make a plea that all folks in this hobby try avoid similar undertakings regardless of the potential profit. I know that sometimes that just isn't practical, but I can wish...

Hopefully the buyer of this frame will enjoy and appreciate the inherent gloriousness of this machine, much of it which does remain, and give it a good home.

Mike Kone in Boulder CO

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From: "Charles Andrews"

> ...that there are no deals to be had on ebay.


\r?\n> This Pogliaghi



\r?\n> ame=ADME:B:WNA:US:1123


\r?\n> discussed earlier, is an *extremely* rare version of the road frame.

\r?\n> Yes, a repaint. But pretty good one, in an authentic color, with

\r?\n> correct graphics. A little interesting paint modification (panels with

\r?\n> fade highlights), without actually repainting the whole thing, would

\r?\n> have it looking *very* choice, and fully period-correct...and correct

\r?\n> parts are easy, and fairly cheap, to come by.


\r?\n> I was tempted, but I'm trying to wean myself off of repaints. Even so,

\r?\n> had it been even a centimeter smaller, I'd have been there at the end.

\r?\n> I cannot believe how cheaply it went for. A real bargain.


\r?\n> Charles Andrews

\r?\n> Los Angeles