[CR](CR) FS - Lots of Campy, Regina, Cinelli, Everest - big list here!

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From: hersefan@comcast.net
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Date: Tue, 06 Nov 2007 00:14:46 +0000
Subject: [CR](CR) FS - Lots of Campy, Regina, Cinelli, Everest - big list here!

Hi CR group,

A pile of stuff being offered here by Boulder Bicycle. Some exotica for sure. Scroll down. Items sold first-come-first-served. To reserve, you must say "I want it, ship it to me" - questions do not hold the item. All items are returnable if not as described (but please, not if you simply change your mind). Please inspect all items to determine if safe to use (and at your own risk of course). Payment by check or paypal (hersefan@comcast.net)

Will confirm your order (and then you pay). I ship in batches, next shipping day is most likely Thursday AM.


Description# AvailPrice Exotica and the Cool and the Weird Cinelli Milano Headset lockwasher. Shows its age but writing is extremely crisp. Key is worn down a bit – but this item is just begging to go on your 50’s or 60’s Cinelli1$ 115 Mafac tool kit in the cool metal tin – from the 50’s? This one appears totally compete. Great retro fun.1$ 32 Campy NOS saddle spanner wrench.1$ 34 Much of a Campy Original Nuovo Record bike rebuild kit. Has some of packaging, brake cable inners and deraillieur cables, cones, and one of the bearing packages1$ 38 Regina tool for a monster chain – not a bicycle chain. Someones Motorcycle Chain perhaps? For the person who wants everything Regina. Includes a box in so-so condition. Never used. Never knew what to use it on!1$ 15

Bottom Bracket Nuovo Record Italian post-78 – complete and appears to be new or a take-off. No packaging, new sleeve and bearings. 1$ 88 Nuovo Record BSC Pre-78 bb used. Complete except no sleeve. Cups are later style NR. Nice used condition – lots of life for sure!1$ 34 Campy BSC 111mm bb (close match for Campy nr track) or with C-rec/Chor/Athena of a few years back. A cool ATB model with premium alloy cups and cool seals. Perhaps best 111mm bb of all? Uses 7/32 bearings which are not incl. Very nice used condition1$ 28 Zeus 109mm bsc bb – for track? Nice used condition1$ 18 Nuovo Record BSC Post 78 New Spindle and Cup combo. Also includes new Campy ¼ balls in package. Best value in a new BSC bb!1$ 84 Zeus 2000? BB – 118mm spindle that appears to be steel with cups that appear to be Titanium that are marked 2000. Includes bolts that are probably steel – no bearings or sleeve or bolt washers. Nice used condtion1$ 60 Nuovo Record French Pre-78 cup and spindle combo. Nice used condition.1$ 37 Zeus 109mm Italian track? Cup and spindle combo. Appears to be new or take-off condition1$ 24 Campy Italian 109mm cup and spindle combo. Thin cups. Appears to be new or take-off condition. Should be perfect for track. Spindle is market 70ss but is 109mm symmetric for thin cups.1$ 38 Galli Roller Bearing bb for BSC – 115mm which should work great for Campy NR/SR post 78. Used – no sleeve or bolts but bearings included of course.2$ 34 Campy 70ssA spindle only – 111mm Italian for thick cups. Should work with 1990’s Record/Chorus/Athena cranks. Very nice used condition. Also should work with Campy NR/SR track cranks.1$ 18 Campy GS 70ss x 120 spindle for use with GS/NR/SR pre-78 cranks in conjunction with thin Campy cups. Spindle is new.1$ 18 Omas Steel bb – BSC, kinda dirty – appears complete except no bolts. 113mm for pre-78 NR/SR cranks. 1$ 24 Gipiemme Italian Track bb complete 110mm NOS – should be great with Campy NR/SR track cranks too!1$ 22 Campy GS 70ss spindle for use with GS/NR/SR post-78 cranks in conjuction with thin Campy cups. Spindle is new1$ 18 Nuovo Record pre-78 cup and spindle combo – dirty and seen some use, but has some reasonable life left. Has early style cups1$ 18 Campy GS NOS Italian bb for pre-78 GS/NR/SR cranks. Also perfect for those early pre-NR cranks from 1962-1967 except spindle is black.1$ 28 Campy NOS Ital 109mm spindle and Cup combo – perfect for NR track cranks on Italian bikes with 70mm shells. Later spindle markings, but if you want something new that works great, this is it.1$ 65

Brake Universal Brake Hood Pair – soft fresh new hoods with the gum top pieces. With the box!1$ 44 GB Super Hood Pair – new and soft – no packaging, very cool. Black.1$ 34 Nuovo Record NOS handles only (one pair) for NR brake levers. Rebuild your ugly used ones!1$ 28 Grab-Bag bag of Campy Castoraghi and perhaps Universal brake cables. Most seem new and most seem to be heavy 1.8mm examples. Perhaps 15 cables? Get lots of your bikes going!1$ 25 Campy NR 1.8mm Tandem brake cable set. Includes Campy grey lined housing for front and rear, and a rear cable that is super long as well as the front. Not easy to find! New of course.1$ 45 Kool Stop pad set (4) for Campy NR/SR brakes black. New in the bag with a cool stop sticker2$ 12 Mathauser pads (4) for Campy NR/SR holders. These are the red ones.1$ 14 Universal Hood – just one – fresh and soft with the gum adjuster cover thing. If you have another, this will make your day!1$ 18 Campy Synterized padset in the box – think these fit some of the early Athena or chorus brake holders, but not sure. 1$ 14 Modern dropbolt to enable fitting of a dual pivot campy brake onto an allen front or nut rear old style frame. Not sure all washers present, but should get you going. New.1$ 22 Modern dropbolt to enable fitting of a dual pivot campy brake onto a nut front fork. Not sure all washers present, but should get you going. New.1$ 22 Campy Triumph brake lever – just one - (no hood), looks like Campy NR but with shield logo. Perfect for your fix gear? 1$ 17

Chain and Freewheel

Regina Oro 14-22 Freewheel. NOS – no box, but gorgeous unused condition. Splined body. BSC thread1$ 42 Regina Extra black chain – nos in the green bag1$ 14 Everest 5sp 14-24 freewheel NOS. Black finish. Threads beautifully on a BSC threaded hub. Perfect for 60’s/70’s top tier bike restorations. Uses Regina 2 prong remover.1$ 35 Everest Oro Chain – First choice on top-tier restorations on bikes such as Masi. Gorgeous Gold chain, great quality, new with the yellow box.1$ 24 Campy 8sp off-topic Veloce cassette NOS 12-25 for Campy 8sp cassette hubs.1$ 25 Campy Record OR splined 32 tooth A.T.B. chainring. Might fit campy cassette hubs too? New in the bag2$ 22

Crank 151mm bolt circle gorgeous Campy Copy 44 tooth chainring. Gorgeous high-polish finish with near identical to Campy webbing. NOS. 1$ 65 Early Campy NR 144mm bolt circle chainring combo. Has “patent” chainring bolts in nice shape, with 52/45 rings. Rings have early Campy writing which makes this perfect for your late 60’s restoration. Parts certainly have wear, but still very nice.1$ 55 Campy Prototype? Triumph crank. Has 82 in circle date stamp and high polish and came from stash of trade-show stuff from a Campy rep. 52/42 rings, very bizarre item that is new but has some shopwear.1$ 95 Campy NOS 110mm ATB 42 ring - great campy quality in a popular size not often “served” by Campy2$ 24 TA 110mm 53 ring with pins/ramps NOS1$ 24 TA 110mm 39 ring with pins/ramps NOS1$ 17 Campy 172.5mm Nuovo Record left hand arm. Well used and scruffy – use at own risk of course as old Campy cranks are best for display and can often break.1$ 12 Campy Nuovo Record Triple crank stud/bolt pieces for use with true Campy NR Triple. Only have 4 of the 5, but if you have a couple and need to make a set this is your day!1$ 20

Hub Rare Campy 140mm axle – to use classic Campy hubs on bikes with 130mm dropout spacing. Very hard to find in real Campy!2$ 26 Campy NR Rear Track Axle only. New, taken from rear track axle sets that don’t have the remaining hardware.2$ 12 Campy complete 134mm victory rear axle set – cones should fit most Campy NR hubs. For use with typical wide 6 (not ultra) freewheels.1$ 15 Campy Nuovo Record Rear Cone Pair1$ 9

Pedal Stuff Campy Nuovo Record Toe Strap Loop pedals – great used condition. A few minor blems, but overall these would be very happy on a freshly restored frame. One of the nicest used pedal sets I’ve come across from this era. No idea about condition of grease, but the spindles spin quite nicely.1$ 110 Old logo Medium Christophe toe clip pair. Used - not perfect bit overall very shiny. Perfect for a top period restoration.1$ 18

Stem TTT Gran Prix Stem 13cm NOS in the bag with the cool sticker. Awesome retro item for top tier restoration1$ 65

Mike Kone - Boulder Bicycle, Boulder CO