[CR]The Fixie Crowd-Since we've indicted them for their differences....

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Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2007 19:37:09 -0500
From: Michael Schmidt <mdschmidt56@verizon.net>
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Thread-topic: The Fixie Crowd-Since we've indicted them for their differences....
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Subject: [CR]The Fixie Crowd-Since we've indicted them for their differences....

"Let's go t' the stoning."

Life of Brian Scene 2

The fixie crowd in NYC have in the past hosted a lovely swap meet in February on the NYC water front in sub-artic frigid temperatures. Hope the y do it in 2008 so I can see the nose rings ice up.

Dude, their paychecks are a pittance of what some of us make. Hey, at leas t they work, which is more than I can say for some other members of our society.

Small stuff!

Mike Schmidt Stirling, NJ USA

On 11/27/07 6:10 PM, "bruce thomson" <masi3v4me@yahoo.com> wrote:
> the fixie phenomenon is a typical American social trend that will end up as a
> flash-in-the pan shelf life. I have seen some of the bikes done locally, and
> some too on the net and there seems little to rave about. It is about mo re of
> belonging or going along with the fringe crowd., not really riding bikes.
> Many of these fixies will only ride a few blocks and park at a Starbucks and
> hang with the rest of the wannabe's . There are a few who can ride and h ave
> done well in showing that it is more than being with the 'in' crowd, but they
> are not the chain smokers and tattooed fringe element.
> Now what I have seen on the bikes want to have me throw up. Luckily mo st of
> the grubby little cretins dont get their hands on a classic frame , but w hen
> they do there seems to be no interest in the history or restoration value
   of a
> classic steel frame. I was in a bike shop two weeks ago looking for a T. A.
> extractor for my Reynolds 531 Raleigh and one of the kids with all of the
> chrome shit hanging off his face offered me $20.00 for the frame. Needle ss to
> say I declined. I have seen what those butchers do. They cut OFF the
> dérailleur hangers and burn off the drop-outs to have some cheap-ass tra ck
> lugs crudely brazed one. Thats why when I see the fixie crowd I want to take
> a shower. The idea of receiving these frames back from them is highly
> unlikely. Most will undoubtedly be tossed and the next fad picked up. B T