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Yeah, he's leaning way back to try to get away. Look at the gritting of jaw. Still broke his collarbone, who knows, maybe he tightened up too much? If he'd just let it go, maybe he would have flown thru the air and rolled. His bike got crunched, and it ended his season. I was partnered with him in that race, and finished alone changing off with a designated rider and think I ended up 5th for us. We had won the team race the week before and were on pretty good form. Thomas Cox must have seen me race in the '50's on the old Kenosha track. It was still the dirt track as visible in the foto, 1/6th mile. The team/madison races were usually 20 miles with10 sprints. A sprint every 2 miles, race finish placings decided on laps first then sprint points, in case of tie in mileage. The object being to beat the other guys in the sprints for points but if you were clever, lucky, and strong enuf to sneak away off the front during a momentary lapse of pace and catch guys napping, and gain a lap on the field, then you did 20 miles plus one lap and other guys did 20 miles. So you were winner by one lap up on field regardless of points scored in
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> You guys overlooked one detail in the picture. John Milicent has his tummy
> on the saddle or is he all the way over to the right.



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