[CR] Update on eBay Listings: Parting Out Super Record Groupset & NOS Wheels

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Date: Sun, 1 Jun 2008 11:43:54 -0700 (PDT)
From: Andrew Gillis <apgmaa@verizon.net>
To: classic rendezvous <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR] Update on eBay Listings: Parting Out Super Record Groupset & NOS Wheels


Due to several requests, I've updated my recently posted eBay listings to include showing to all international buyers. I should have included all (international) CR members from the start, but I just wasn't thinking clearly, with so many items to post.

Thank you all for your interest; the original advertisement is shown below.

Andrew Gillis Long Beach, CA USA


I've decided to part out the Super Record groupset and NOS wheels of my 1979 Pinarello show bike so that I can fund the purchase of a KOF frameset.

The ebay listings have just started, and all will end on Monday June 9 between 8 pm PDT and 9:02 pm PDT.

Here is the list; every item has been overhauled and/or cleaned up to make it ready to go:

* NOS Campy NR Wheelset, English thread 126mm rear hub, with Mavic MA 40 rims 32/32. Includes Clement clincher tires. Wheels have been built with very low spoke tension, for show. I will tighten up and true the wheels before the listing closes. * NOS Campy Record SL "black" pedals, in box. * NOS Regina CX-S chain, 7 speed, 54" long. * Nice Regina CX-S (America) freewheel, English threads, 14-23, restored with 4 new cogs. * Nice Campy Super Record Crankset, 175 mm, with NOS 42 & 52 chainrings * Nice Phil Wood Bottom bracket, 115 mm x 68 mm * Nice Campy Super Record brakeset, with new white hoods and 2 cable sets * Nice Campy Super Record front derailleur, with new clamp on body * Nice Campy Super Record rear derailleur, Ti bolts, with new C-Record pulleys and new pulley plates * Nice Campy NR down tube shift levers. Earlier style with raised lettering and flat washers * Nice Alfredo Binda "Prestige" toe straps, used only for display. Better than Binda Extra. * NOS Selle San Marco "Concor" saddle, with black water buffalo top covering.

You can search for the items under my seller name "andrew_pg". Otherwise, here is the listing for the NOS wheelset, which you can use to search for my other items:


thanks for looking!

Andrew Gillis
Long Beach, CA, USA