Re: [CR]Philadelphia's presence at cirque this year

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Subject: Re: [CR]Philadelphia's presence at cirque this year
Date: Tue, 03 Jun 2008 09:02:53 -0400
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From: Dale Brown <>

I think Philly was the top "city representation" at the last few of the North Carolina Cirques too! That was a helluva lot farther drive too! Very cool folks from that 'burg'!


Dale Brown Greensboro, North Carolina USA

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I was just looking at the signup sheet on the Cirque website and I am happy to report(gloat) that Philly offers the largest group of participants than any other location. I guess it is party due to having 2 used bicycle shops and an excellent KOF frame building shop, but it is also rather close to the DC area as well. I think by friday will would have topped 20 people, as some people are still registering. The weather on the ride down does not look the best, but it could be worst. We will be a group of 6 riders all on On topic bikes. We are all excited to show up there and have a good time, anticipating the copious amounts of money of super cool bike parts. If you guys need us to bring anything down, then please contact us today, I will pack up and Curtis will br driving down in the van to retrieve all the cool stuff we buy, and bring down goodies.

Bikes riding down- 2 jack taylors, early 60s Schwinn paramount, Specialized expedition, Centurian touring bike, and one unknown. We really want to thank Wayne and MJ for taking the torch that Dale passed to them with hosting this super Awesome event that brings all of us together to hang out and talk about what we love, vintage bikes.

joel ralph flood
Philadelphia, PA