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Date: Mon, 9 Jun 2008 18:52:52 -0400
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I don't think I am alone in finding Davis' sexist/homophobic/off-topic/lack ing proper sign off/offensively presumptuous posts boring to say the least. That stuff (and perhaps it's author) has no place here. Now can we get b ack to talking about what a great weekend we had, the great people we spent time with and the incredible bikes we were all fortunate enough to share?

Matthew Bowne Brooklyn, New York


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> Friends and Mr. Schmidt:


> I have received my share of comments OL concerning my 'sexist' comments.

> was done in humor and without any malevolence--so my apologies to those

> offended I would add that I made no reference to Phil Spector and his ga

> lover Dr. Evil from the Mike Myers movies. Hard to tell who was pitching

> and who was catching although I'd suspect Dr. Evil does the mound work.

> guess it was sexist of me to leave the boys team out in the cold.


> Let me further clarify....I have no problem with young people showing the

> stuff and being proud. My comments on topic # 4 had to do with fellas

> obviously higher than a U2 plane on marijuana or some equivalent. Why

> drive all the way across country in a multi-colored VW microbus just to

> smoke doobs and huff ether?


> apologies to daisy duke and the daft dutch girl......if anyo

> would like to punch me in the face, I am available all day today and part

> the day tomorrow for such bawdy roughhousing.





> On Mon, Jun 9, 2008 at 11:28 AM, Michael Schmidt

> wrote:


>> Davis,


>> For 10 years, the "babe quotient was never an issue or a need at Cirque

>> Cyclisime. If that is what you think we need to make Cirque more fun, t

>> you don't get it. I shared you post with my wife and she thought your

>> comment on point 6 was needless, sexist, and offending so I am calling y

>> on it.



>> Mike Schmidt

>> Stirling, NJ

>> USA





>> On 6/8/08 9:42 PM, "Davis Philsson" wrote:


>>> Just returned form Cirque,had a marvelous time and what not.....a few

>>> observations and questions?


>>> 1. the swap seemed a bit off from previous years--more modern stuff and

>> more

>>> 'framebuilders'. Seemed like anyone and everyone is building lugged

>> steel

>>> these days.


>>> 2. Seemed an emphasis on randonneuring types. Are we collectively

>> getting

>>> older/heavier/trendier. The going extremely slow on a heavy bike with

>>> extended paunch seemed Au rigour this time.


>>> 3. On randonneuring? what is with the multiple gear shifters and multip

>>> brake levers. Is it to expend the least amount of calories whilst

>>> randonneuring; or, is a belt and suspenders kind of anxiety driven moxy


>>> 4. Was it me or did some fellas seemed quite baked? I talked to a few

>> about

>>> a 'racing' bike that was leaning on the side of a barn which between th

>> 4

>>> of them they couldn't figure if it was for sale or not but did direct m

>> to

>>> a guy in a long green T shirt who assured me that it was not really for

>>> sale. Did these fellas just roll out of a Cheech & Chong movie or what


>>> 5. The little hats and wool I don't get in 100 degree weather. Is the

>>> some sort of underground S&M current to this group of which I was not

>>> alerted?


>>> 6. The daisy dukes at the gate were a nice touch, but what do we need

>> do

>>> to up the babe quotient at up coming Cirques? (As a side note can we al

>>> chip in so as to not have to groove on the serpentine pant suit/jumper

>> next

>>> year).


>>> 7. The kettlecorn was great. The bratwurst made me jealous and there

>> were

>>> no midgets in the midget kitchen.


>>> 8. Where were all the Cali boys? Gorski, Gabus, Fellows, Vincent C?








> --

> Davis Philsson,

> Gainesville GA