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Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2008 22:23:47 -0400
Subject: [CR]Aldo's Pic of the Day - Paris-Tours 1950

Aldo's Pic of the Day 12 June, 2008

Paris-Tours Sprint for Second

Paris-Tours, 1950. André Mahé has already won the race 8 seconds ahead of the field. In the sprint for 2nd place, Urbain Caffi (Terrot) is clearly delighted with his effort, while behind him Guy Labébie (Lapébie, in white cap) finishes 3rd. On the left with dark hair is Roger Queugnet (Peugeot), and center in the striped cap is Alphonse Devreese (also Peugeot). The rider second from the right in the "Ruche" jersey is unidentified (possibly Georges Van Brabant???).

The judges had difficulties with the finishing order - they missed Quegnet, Devreese, and the Ruche rider completely, picking Emile Idée (Peugeot) 4th and Galliano Pividori (Automoto) 5th.
>From "Miroir Sprint" No.204, 8 May 1950.

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I'd like to add a big Thank You to folks at Cirque'08 who mentioned "Pic of the Day".

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