[CR]Domed TA bolts (was "More on Schwinn Sports Tourer")

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Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2008 22:44:13 -0700 (PDT)
From: Fred Rednor <fred_rednor@yahoo.com>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
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Subject: [CR]Domed TA bolts (was "More on Schwinn Sports Tourer")

> Also learned a another new fact about the TA
      > Cyclotourist. The chainring bolts are the old style with
      > domed boltheads to the outside and slotted sleeves/nuts
      > inside the crank, as opposed to the newer style with allen
      > head sleeves outside and hex head bolts inside. I always
      > thought the two types of fasteners could be interchanged,
      > but that is not the case. After changing the rings, I
      > found the chainring bolts would not tighten up completely.
      > The problem is that the old bolts and sleeves are made for
      > an outer ring which does have the countersunk bolt hole
      > found on newer outer rings. When used with newer recessed
      > outer rings, the old domed bolts will bottom out on the
      > sleeve before the rings are completely secured. This could
      > possibly be corrected by shimming the sleeves with washers
      > with a small OD-ID difference, or filing the sleeve, but I
      > just resorted to using newer style hardware. Just another
      > example of the endless variations encountered with TA gear.
      > I made this "discovery" myself a couple of years ago, and have a word of caution based on that experience. Those domed bolts are made from relatively soft metal. Should they bottom out, it's very easy to over-tighten them and have the domed portion separate from the shaft. I think the clearances are even extremely tight, even when using the original style chain rings. So I've been using small washers to be safe.
      Fred Rednor - Arlington, Virginia (USA)