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Subject: Re: [CR]TOC + TDF
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2008 12:15:17 -0600

Re: AEG and ASO
>From two days ago in Velo News on-line:
>From yesterday at

I wish my Tour of Colorado had some of that money!

Andy Bohlmann
Colorado Springs, CO

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Subject: [CR]TOC + TDF

> Gang:
> This was an article on the 3rd page of the LA Times Sports Section today. Besides the history being made down in Torrey Pines yesterday this seemed to very momentous news and it was buried in the back. Looks to me that AEG and ASO are teaming up against the UCI.
> See Link.
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> Jack
> Jack (Giacomo) Gabus Laguna Beach, CA United States of America