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Subject: RE: [CR]Unknown British lightweight frame
Date: Sat, 21 Jun 2008 15:42:57 +0000
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The trade name "Vindec " was registered by Brown Brothers in 1903, and was their brand name for bicycles supplied by them for the next sixty-plus year s.

Neil Foddering Weymouth, Dorset, England

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> Subject: [CR]Unknown British lightweight frame
> As soon as I checked out Matt Smith's photos of his unknowm British light we
> ight frame, I thought that I had instant recognition of the brand. A coup le
> of seconds later I realised that I hadn't...
> The lugs on the head tube resemble Nervex Serie Leger, but aren't, as the se
> models never had the classic shape on the pipes as Matt's lugs. There ag ai
> n those top and down tube pipes look very French, but aren't.
> The Raleigh/Falcon type tubular wrap-over of the seat-stays appears to be
> uch neater than either of those marques..and clearly this frame pre-dates
> aleigh's use of that style, as well as Falcon's.
> I have certaintly seen this lug set before and even thought that I had it
> n an early Merlin fron Goswell Road, but Merlin never used, as far as I k no
> w that seat cluster.
> It's a pity that Matt has not shown a photo of the V-D punched into the f or
> k as this would have a been as good a clue as anything. Were the letters
> on the steering column or the crown itself...the latter being most unlik el
> y on a 40s/50s frame. The frame number might well indicate the origin of th
> e frame..particularly the V stamped in there.
> For my 10-Euro cents worth of guess I think it is a VINDEC...a popular an d
> widely sold brand in the UK right through to the 80s. I've no idea of the
> rigin of the name, but presume that it is some form of abbreviation, but th
> e frames and bikes were sold through a nation-wide chain of cycle and mot or
> cycle parts wholesalers throughout the UK.
> The chain was a major supplier of bike parts to manufacturers and accesso ri
> es and bikes to retailers. Towards the end of the brand's life the compan y
> was owned by another large firm called Brown Brothers...and just dealt in
> he run-of-the-mill type of cycle parts, the bikes being a small range of us
> eful models such as a small-wheeled shopper much like the Raleigh Twenty,
> nd a couple of "sports" models. I don't think that Vindec actually manufa ct
> ured any bikes themselves but sourced them from companies such as the Com ra
> de Cycle Co, who were sub-contractors for very many companies - even Dawe s.
> However in the 50-s VINDEC were major suppliers of frame parts such as lu g
> sets, brackets, fork-ends etc etc to the lightweight trade, and also lead
> ing stockists of Reynolds tubing..and probably Accles and Pollock as wel
> l. My take on this frame, therefore is that it is a VINDEC..probably top
> of their range..and that it was built for them by someone such as Comrad e.
> In the 50s most leading bicycle companies had a few lightweight sports a nd
> club touring type models in their catalogues.
> As for tubing I think that the frame is probably built from Reynolds 531 pl
> ain gauge - hence the 26.8 internal seat tube measurement.
> In those days VINDEC used to have full-page adverts in "CYCLING" magazine
> longside the likes of SUN, WEARWELL, BSA, NORMAN, ELSWICK-HOPPER.
> Norris Lockley, Settle UK