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Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2008 12:51:15 -0700 (PDT)
From: Thomas Adams <>
Subject: Re: [CR]REG pump holder on e-bay
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Dear List:

I'm not sure if this was the original intent, but the indentation on this o ld Silca pump head works splendidly on a frame with two pump pegs, assuming you have a Silca pump the right length for your peg spacing.  That way y ou don't have to hack off one peg to carry a "modern" pump.  The frame fi t silca pumps have an indentation/hole on the handle end that works well, b ut the round handle silca pumps designed for the umbrella clips also have t he hole for a pump peg, and look better to me.

Here's my '51 Holdsworth with the pump head in question used on a double pu mp peg set on the top tube.  Not focused on the pump head, but you can ki nda see it.

< iew&current=Cirque_res256.jpg>

And here's a pic of the front peg:

< 83914850>

It seems then these pump heads work better on pegs than on the Reg umbrella s.  The only downside is that the silca pump body is wider than the old a luminum pumps.  I knocked it loose from the under TT pegs on the Holdswor th a few times when my knee rubbed the top tube.  A thinner pump might av oid this problem, or else better pedaling technique.  If your pump is on the DT or ST, not an issue.

Tom Adams
Manhattan Kansas, USA

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From: <> Subject: Re: [CR]REG pump holder on e-bay To: Cc: Date: Monday, June 23, 2008, 12:24 PM

Jay, As Aldo showed, it is for the old Silca or REG pump heads. Here is a p ic of how I made it work on my c.1955 Torpado. Not sure if I did it right or

not. Note however, that getting a correct and snug fit was very difficult . If I set the clips far enough apart to get the compressed pump in, then it

would fit loosely and rattle around. If I moved the clips a bit closer together, then the compressed pump would not fit in between them. I was forced to add some padding in the deep pocket of the lower, REG clip, which now hold s the pump more firmly in place. Not GREAT, but very workable.

Ciao, Mark Agree Southfield MI USA ~ ~ ~

Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2008 23:07:04 -0700 From: Jay S <> To: Subject: [CR]REG pump holder on e-bay

What brand or type of pump would this holder work with? I can understand the round top piece, but the bottom piece (I'm guessing it's the bottom piece) is unusual. To my eyes, anyway.

Jay Sexton Sebastopol, CA ------------------------------

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