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Thanks for putting this up on the list Mark. I will this time be trying to make it a bit more manageable - by restricting the site however to the original ideas/topics I had when it was first set up. I guess the parts folk missed and basically the history of David Rattray & Co., a gallery of "owners" machines, and the identification pages. I'm doing this for no other reason than preventing it running away from me again! Trying my best to avoid delving in too deep. As I should have expected however a cyber squatter nicked the original domain name in my absence! So it'll be once it's loaded. I'll post the group with details when it's active again.

Many thanks for the support.

Bob Reid Stonehaven Scotland

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Hello, Just to confirm that Bob Reid has emailed me to say he is resurrecting the Flying Scot website.
      Good Huh? Mark Stevens Evanton Scotland