Re: [CR]Suntour Cyclone cable fixing unit needs a fixing...

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Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2009 11:50:08 -0800
From: "John Barry" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Suntour Cyclone cable fixing unit needs a fixing...
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I have a Cyclone RD that has a crack in the body at the high/low positioning screw threading - but which appears otherwise intact. My plan was to keep it on hand for spare parts, but if it means the difference between completing a project and not, I'd be willing to cannibalize it.

If the search for a replacement fixing anchor comes up empty, send me an inquiry. To remain legal with Dale, I'll list the asking price for this at $1.00 plus mailing at cost.


John Barry
Mechanicsburg, PA, USA

--- On Thu, 1/8/09, donald gillies wrote:

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\r?\n> Subject: Re: [CR]Suntour Cyclone cable fixing unit needs a fixing...

\r?\n> To:

\r?\n> Date: Thursday, January 8, 2009, 2:33 PM

\r?\n> I wanted to mention that the Suntour Cyclone cable pinch

\r?\n> bolt is

\r?\n> smaller than a dia-compe or weinmann pinch bolt. I think

\r?\n> that Cyclone

\r?\n> uses an M4 dome nut/bolt, whereas the Dia-Compe and

\r?\n> Weinmann are M5.

\r?\n> As far as I am aware there are no other bike components

\r?\n> using this M4

\r?\n> dome nut/bolt.


\r?\n> I have one cyclone derailleur that I purchased on ebay

\r?\n> where someone

\r?\n> had drilled out the cyclone hole, in order to install an M5

\r?\n> nut/bolt.

\r?\n> If someone does this they need to file one side of the the

\r?\n> pinch bolt

\r?\n> slightly, so that it seats properly on the derailleur body.

\r?\n> I would

\r?\n> not recommend trying this as a first step because it will

\r?\n> weaken the

\r?\n> derailleur body and the derailleur might eventually fail

\r?\n> there.


\r?\n> It is far better to find a dead derailleur with a broken

\r?\n> body at an

\r?\n> LBS and steal this nut/bolt combination. Another

\r?\n> possibility, if it's

\r?\n> just the bolt that was stripped, is to get an M4 bolt

\r?\n> (stainless!) and

\r?\n> attempt to drill a hole through it with a dremel.


\r?\n> - Don Gillies

\r?\n> San Diego, CA