Re: [CR] Vintage Treks vs PXs, Motobecanes & Gitanes

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Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2009 15:34:09 -0800
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Subject: Re: [CR] Vintage Treks vs PXs, Motobecanes & Gitanes

I wouldn't necessarily say that more "limber" or "lively" means "more flex" . Generally, you don't want a frameset that is so "forgiving" that it is es sentially a wet noodle. A truly comfortable frame is rigid where it counts, but dampens some of the road shock as well.

I am not familiar with any Trek, but perhaps the tube angles have something to do with the reason it doesn't feel as comfortable. As far as I know, Gi tanes in the 1970s (and perhaps all French bikes) were made for roads which were not altogether well paved or maintained. They were tough and comforta ble by design...althought the finishes usually left something to be desired (perhaps for the same reason, but who knows). Again, no experience with Tr ek at all. I try to stay away from them (tee hee hee).

Stephan Andranian Costa Mesa, California USA

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>If you want a "daily rider" that you will not have to worry about but
>that will handle well and be comfy all day, I'd suggest a Peugeot
>PX-10. They are commonly available, and can be ridden "as is" or
>modified to suit your taste (and inventory) in componentry, as they
>were often modified/upgraded with non-OEM parts, wheels, etc.
>TREKS are nice, too, but the PXs (or similar Motobecanes, Gitanes,
>etc.,) will feel more "lively" or "limber" and perhaps be more
>"forgiving" on all-day rides.

Opinions wanted! I have been converted from a off topic bike to a 1978 Trek TX700. I have discovered that I enjoy "limber" frame. How do others feel the above bikes compare to a 1970s Trek? If you feel that they have m ore flex - do you have opinion why this is the case?

Wayne Sulak
Fort Worth, TX