Re: [CR] Huret Jubilee "Drillium" Circa When ?

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Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2009 19:34:46 +0000
From: Hilary Stone <>
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Subject: Re: [CR] Huret Jubilee "Drillium" Circa When ?

This gallery:

has pictures of all the types of Huret Jubilee derailleur - unfortunately there are no dates.

The one with the drilled pulley cages is the final incarnation and was produced both under Huret and Sachs Huret names. I am pretty certain it was available by 1978 - I do have Huret parts lists but at present cannot access them at all easily...

Hilary Stone, Bristol, British Isles

Schmid wrote:
> I have one which came off a 1984 Cinelli SC and it ist not marked Sachs.
> It is drilled very nicely and totally looks like a factroy job. I could
> be earlier as well as the bike was a mish-mash with even had a Campa
> 50th anniversary seatpost wit red inlaid flutes and script and a nicely
> drilled SR-crankset. I also would be interested in the introduction date
> of the drillium Jubilee as I am thinking about putting it on a 1978 bike
> which came with the unique four hole front der. But without the matching
> rear mech.
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> Ahoy !
> Does anyone know the approx. dates the drillium Huret Jubilee rear
> derailleurs were offered ? I just assumed these were Sachs-Huret factory
> drilled.
> I've gotten into a discussion with a long-time bike shop owner who
> insists that Huret Jubilee drillium rear derailleurs are not factory
> produced but, after-market or hobby.
> Thank you.
> Richard Cielec
> Chicago, Illinois; U.S.A.