Re: [CR] Are you a real CR Rider?

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Date: Sun, 8 Feb 2009 14:08:51 -0800
From: Ron Gurth <>
To: <>
Subject: Re: [CR] Are you a real CR Rider?

The merits or lack thereof of the the different materials can always be deb ated, though it is clear that the majority of CR folks believe 'steel is re al'.  Doesn't make the 'new' stuff bad, just different, and maybe less us eful to some on this list.  The OP was only asking who rides CR on-topic machines.  I happen to be in that camp, 99%+ of the time.  My only off topic bike is still steel, and looks and feels like a classic.  All other single bikes in my stable are beautiful lugged steel.  One of my favorit e rides is the mid 60s Torpado. 

I have to respectfully but strongly disagree with Morgan.  This is the pe rfect forum for expressing our opinions and feelings about the bicycle.   Our feelings are what draw us to the craftsmanship, elegance, and beauty of the earlier road bikes.  I am sure somewhere there is a forum where listers discuss the same qualities in relation to carbon fiber, but I have no reason to find it.  If I had the extra toy money, and after I had aqu ired another custom built steel frame or two, then maybe I might add a Ti o r CF 'wonderbike' to my collection, and I know I would have fun riding them .  But I sure don't see the need.  I love what my classic and KOF steel does for me, how it FEELS, how it makes me FEEL.  And part of that is th e asthetic. And the comments I get on how beautiful the bike is. 

So please, do not stop your expressions of love for these machines.  It m akes me feel part of a community and lets me know I am not alone.  Anyway , from what I see, there is a resurgence.  NAHBS and other shows demonstr ate that, as well as what you see in the shops.  Quality and design and p racticality never go out of style. 

Ron Gurth
Indianapolis, IN