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Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2009 21:46:37 -0500
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Subject: [CR] Ride quality

All the bikes I ever owned, where built with 531, BUT I think what made a d ifference was the geometry. In the early 50s in Brum?when massed start raci ng in the local parks was going on, 72 parallel was all the rage. for time trials 73head 71seat, track 74-75 head and 72+ seat, top tubes pretty much square lenght?with the seat tube. of course fork rake in those days much lo nger, These days as I found out with the Xmas gift bike the?seat angle was,
   I bet at least 74, this was much to steep for me, I like to ride with the saddle set so I am back of the bottom bracket. We where taught to sit down? and pedal only get out of the saddle?TO FART! (After?an elevensis stop for? bean on toast?and a pint!)??OR to?have a go with the lads for a speed limit
   sign.this was all?on a single fixed yet. BUT at the end of the season when
   the Hill climb competiton started THEN you got out the saddle on the drops
   and pulled with all your might. So maybe the geometry made more of a diffe rence that the material used. We will never know. Plus of course much young er then. I have had many responses to my over the bars or seat bit, seems o ver the seat is what most do. I have to admit, that NOW, unless I want a vi sit to the Dr for a double hernia, over the seat is the only way to go.Or l ay the bloody bike on the ground and crawl off! Cheers John Crump Oldbutyou ngatheartBrit. Parker, Co USA