[CR] Redeeming Ergo shifters OT?

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Subject: [CR] Redeeming Ergo shifters OT?

Dale, Scott, and all,

Doesn't Scott deserve some kudos here for trying to "redeem" a modern shifting system by installing it on a classic bike?

Is there no hope for salvation (or salvage) for any components born after 1980 or that click?

As a Christian, I believe in redemption, even for the worst of "sinners"...(which is why I believe there is even hope for me... :-)

Riding "theologically impure" bikes but still believing in old steel and

hoping for redemption in Alameda, CA USA,

Jon Spangler

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> Scott wrote:
> << I might be drifting off topic here...
> Is is possible to use Ergo levers on a conventional 6 speed
> freewheel? What could possibly go wrong? Everything?
> The question 'why' notwithstanding, has anyone tried this before?
> If not then I will be friction shifting a Veloce rear derailleur on
> my Masi? >>
> If you think you are drifting Off Topic, trust your instincts and
> do not do it!
> Introducing Off Topic threads this way is insidious and grows like
> a fungus, with members responding and before you know it we have 20
> messages all Off Topic! Unacceptable!
> From this point on, members introducing an Off Topic subject in a
> message to this CR list will result in the auto boot!
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