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I'll do my best to make the show in Colorado. I've never been there and I have received a personal invitation to attend to represent the San Die go Custom Bicycle Show. Sounds like a real good time!

Brian Baylis La Mesa, CA

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Well Mike W. beat me to announcing this to the group!

The Rocky Mountain Bicycle Show is really shaping up to be quite the eve nt

this year.  There is a vintage element to it, and I've been enliste d b y the folks organizing the show to help them with that.  Once I get a

handle on the scope of the show, it will be great if CR and the local Co lor ado vintage folks can help out with the display.  Plus, it sounds l ike there will be prizes for entered bikes as well!

The venue for the show is great, and the show's timing is fantastic !   Colorado families are typically are in town that time of yea r ( Colorado schools are back in session early), but the rest of the country is in vacation mode.  Why not bring the family to Colorado?  In Aug ust, the riding is great in the mountains.  In the metro area, one can get up at the crack of dawn, ride for a number of hours until the heat com es on, then head over to the bike show!  And the chances of being w ash ed out from rides that time of year is really remote. 

The key to a successful show is getting the folks to display, and folks to

view.  The show this year is putting the PR into overdrive, with th e i ntent of building a show with true national appeal.  And heaven kno ws, there are a tremendous number of cyclists in Colorado - in what other c ity does a swap meet draw over 10,000 people? (that is how many usually flo w t hrough veloswap).

I'll announce this more in the future, but if any CR folks want to come to

Colorado and want help planning their trip, I'm happy to assist in any w ay

possible.  If there is CR interest, perhaps I can coordinate some C R a ctivities - maybe some rides or gatherings.  So put the date on you r c alenders and come visit!

Mike Kone, Boulder CO USA

Rene Herse Bicycles / Boulder Bicycle

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Just received this. Plenty of on-topic KOF goodies here and they have mo ved

it to a bigger venue so it should be fun! Also, a classic bike show on

Sunday and a beer garden. Perfect combination!





Registration is now open for the Rocky Mountain Bicycle Show 2009.   RM BS 09

will be held in Denver, Colorado at the National Western Complex on Augu st

22nd & 23rd.  Exhibitors already committed to the show include: Anv il,

Argonaut,, Black Sheep, Chris Kopp Bicycle Works, Civili an

Bicycle Company, Courage, D2Shoe, DaVinci Designs, DEAN, Edge Composites ,

Ground-Up, hudz, King Cage, Longbikes, Microbac Laboratories, Moots, Pak eta ,

Primus Mootry, Rene Herse, Tiemeyer Cycles, Victoria Cycles, Yipsan, and



RMBS 09 will once again feature the finest custom bicycle builders, and

innovative bicycle components and accessories. Also included in this yea r's

show will be energy foods and drinks. With the new venue at the National

Western Complex we will also be including a cycle art gallery on Saturda y,


classic bicycle Concours d'Elegance on Sunday, as well as a weekend-long

beer garden providing samples of craft-brewed beers to show attendees.


Register now to show at RMBS 09; or plan a last summer getaway to Colora do

for a fun-filled weekend as we kick off the bicycle industry's show seas on.


RMBS 09 is open to the public. Admission is $10 at the door, children un der

12 are free. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Bicycle Colorado,

Colorado's leading bicycling advocate.


Exhibitors register before April 30th to take advantage of discounted ra tes .


For more information visit:   <http://www.rockymountainbicycleshow. com /> and join the RMBS Facebook group for sh ow





Mike Wilkinson

Castle Rock, CO