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Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2009 08:24:36 -0800
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O.K., Here's the horse's mouth: I will be writing an explanation of MY decision shortly. I will mail it out privately to those wishing to read it. It will NOT be pretty. It will be COMPLETLY the truth. In the mean time, rather then respond to each of the new posts individually, I have chosen to reserve my time. Please remember that what I started years ago was designed to benefit children. And give an opportunity to others to help me do that. I do NOT like being a made a controversy. In life you either add to the shit pile or you don't. Simple. My philosophy, you don't have to agree. I will also now say that in my 34 years in cycling, I have found that bike riders are among the MOST selfish and "cattie" people on Earth. However, this is the point: THE AUCTION was NEVER about ME. It was about using a gathering of like minded individuals as a community to have a beneficial result OUTSIDE of their normal reason for gathering. And it worked. My idea, my execution. Got 50 grand for it. Helped about 200 kids with that money. Everything else is just wind.

John T.Pergolizzi San Diego, Ca. Oh, and I did not "bow out" But please leave ME out of it.

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First, I'd like to let everyone know that I have great respect and appreciation for the charitable work that John has done at the Cirque over the past years. His work, and the resulting contributions to worthy causes, is certainly admirable.

I'd also like to reiterate that I like having an auction, especially one with a charitable focus, a part of the Cirque. Unfortunately, John's vision of what an "Official Cirque Auction" should be and mine differ significantly. Consequently, I felt that some change was appropriate. I did not make this decision lightly, and agonized over it for quite some time. I solicited and received extensive feedback from Cirque attendees, and the overwhelming majority of input reinforced my thinking. Since John's announcement, I have received positive input and pledges of support from quite a number of people. For that I am extremely grateful. I have already received a number of suggestions and recommendations, and plan to move forward with the help of the people who have committed to that.

My sincere wish it that this issue not become a topic to be hashed out on the CR list. I will gratefully accept comments, suggestions, concerns, whatever, off-list, and will do my best to respond in kind.

I truly wish John the best, and hope that he finds the appropriate event and venue for his charitable efforts.

Thanks -

Wayne Bingham
Lovettsville, Virginia USA