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Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2009 02:58:02 +0000
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Dear Garth. Alan is right. It's The Freewheel, and when I was new to the sport I had a membership for something like fifteen dollars a year. I learned allot i n this place, and after awhile I got good enough that I started helping o ther people out. It's that kind of place, when someone spends some time on you, it's nice to pass that on to the next new person who comes in.

Tom Harriman. San Francisco, Ca.
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> >How can it be that Google does not turn up a single reference to the
> >old San Francisco bike shop just off the Pan Handle -People's bike and
> >tool? I try it every year and no one has ever posted a reference to it
> >that shows on this major search engine ? I know the owner still
> >operated the shop at least until the early 80's. You could work on your
> >own bike - buy or order parts or just hang out. It was a stark contrast
> >to glamorous modern bike stores - no displays - no impulse items - just
> >a nearly empty room with bike freaks.
> >
> >Garth Libre in Miami Florida USA
> Garth: the only shop that fits this description (which I can recall) is t he Freewheel on 1920 Hayes St. it's the original (and small Freewheel shop , not to be confused with the larger newer Freewheel #2 on Valencia St. a nd it is indeed just off the Panhandle. They are still in business: 415-752 -9195.
> Alan Goldsworthy
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