Re: [CR] Malliard 700 Compact gears?

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Date: Sun, 1 Feb 2009 16:21:07 -0800
From: david snyder <>
To: <>
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Subject: Re: [CR] Malliard 700 Compact gears?

Should be no problem with 7, since the last 2 cogs are a screw-on pair, right?

I checked one out today (narrow 6-speeder) as I was about to install it to the Confente seller's (Joe Englert's) new (traded it to him yesterday, for the '67 Paramount) Masi GC, but the spacing was a tad wider than the Suntour Ultra-6 it was to replace.

As with the typically-narrow Helicomatic 6-speeders, the add-on 6-7 pair is intended to work that way for any 7-speed application.

David Snyder
Auburn, CA usa

--- On Sun, 2/1/09, Jesse Hearndon wrote:

> What is the max number of cogs you can fit on a Malliard 700

\r?\n> Compact? I have 7 on here but I don't know if I'll be able to

\r?\n> put it on a bike, from what I have

\r?\n> read 6 is the norm, I built a NOS

\r?\n> 19-18-17-16-14-13-12 cluster

\r?\n> and wanted to put it on the Superior project.