Re: [CR] Tubulars being obsolete/ tire puncture proof (Caffe-Latex)

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Date: Thu, 8 Jul 2010 00:17:44 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR] Tubulars being obsolete/ tire puncture proof (Caffe-Latex)

What is the shelf life of this product, once in the tire? Does it dry out, clump up into balls, or harden in any way over time?

BTW Peter, your recommendation and description for use of 3M Fast Tack Trim Adhesive as a tubular glue has been spot on ... thanks for making my life easier!

Ciao, Mark Agree Southfield, Michigan, USA ~ ~ ~

Date: Wed, 07 Jul 2010 23:16:18 -0400 From: Peter Koskinen <> Subject: [CR] Tubulars being obsolete/ tire puncture proof To:

Tubulars are not obsolete. in fact more teams are using them now than ever before. Most of this comes from the quality from the mfg in the course of higher thread content in the tire casings and the sealants that are being used to prevent punctures.

One of the nicest tubular sealants available today is called Caffe- Latex and should be available from your local dealer. A 250 ML bottle and injection pump should cost you about $30. A 250ML bottle will fill 8 tubulars. Wash the pump out after each use with warm water... A bottle of this has a 2 year shelf life according to the importer.

Your experience may vary.

I am using it in all of my tubulars...


Peter Koskinen
Chapel Hill, NC