[CR] Il Giro di Campioni 7 Augusto

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Date: Fri, 16 Jul 2010 02:14:58 -0400
From: <rdf1249@aol.com>
Subject: [CR] Il Giro di Campioni 7 Augusto

Amici della bicicletta - I am having a vintage ride near my home in the Snoqualmie Valley August 7. If you live in the Pacific Northwest or might be visiting, please consider joining us. Very informal.

Dove: In la Citta della Cascata (Fall City) at Fall City Community Park, just north of the river on Hwy 203 towards Carnation. Fall City is down the hill from Preston, which is exit 22 on I-90.

Quando: 9 a.m., 7 Augusto, Sabato

We will ride the back roads of the Snoqualmie Valley, probably 40 miles or so, with a nice stop for an Italian lunch (Pizza e Birra) probably in Duvall. We can add some miles if the group feels like it. Pace - Fat old guy pace. Coupla easy hills, otherwise river valley flat. This is for fun.

Emphasis on Italian bikes, but all vintage bikes not blessed by Il Papa are welcome too. Wear your flashiest Italian jersey!

RSVP and if I get enough I will pre-order lunch so we don't have to wait.

Le prime donne danno il benvenuto a anche! (Ladies welcome too!)

Forward your friends please. Who knows, maybe this will turn into Il Gran Fondo della Nord-Ovest!


Bob Freeman, Il Dirretore degli sciocchi
Elliott Bay Bicycles
2116 Western Ave
Seattle, WA 98121