[CR] 76 Carlton

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From: "Bob Hillery" <rhillery@hawksi.org>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
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Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2010 15:16:01 +0000
Subject: [CR] 76 Carlton

I'm looking for some history or catalog info re a 1976 Worksop built Carlton 'Competition' I'm rebuilding.

I got the frame and fork (serial: WP6004928) and it's in decent shape, but certainly not pristine, so I'm interested in a rideable rebuild more than a concourse show bike. Serial number points to Worksop, November '76. Reynolds 531 - and I've already got a sticker set from Greg Softly to replace those in worst shape. It's an off white - looks a creamier white than my Peugeot, rather than just yellow with age, with a robin's egg blue head tube & seat tube band (lagoon blue? but looks lighter than some photos I've seen - and yes , I know that's a bad way to judge). I've been to the CR site, the archives, and followed the links to the other Carlton pages. There's nothing showing components for either this model or 76, and I realize 76 was the tail end of any Carlton labeling, as the Raleigh machine finished "digesting" the Carlton reputation. A little odd is that it has Campy fork drops but plate steel rear drops - a matter of what a builder grabbed from a bin as the shop was waning?
>From what I can see, they used a variety of components over the preceding years, but were more likely to use Huret than Simplex, and Weinmann than Mafac. So far, I've got a Brampton headset (as listed on the 72 Professional), Huret ders & levers, and a Stronglight cotterless crankset. I also have a Weinmann brake lever set with Carlton hoods. Also have a GB (UK map) bar & stem.

For brakes - I have available a set of center pull Weinmann Vaniquer 999 or 730 side pulls ... both seem contemporary to the bike, but was one more likely than the other? The various Carlton pages perused so far show mostly center pulls, even on the Team photo (~75) on the Carlton pages.

So - I'm open to more or better info if someone has deeper Carlton insights. Barring that, I'm trying to go with at least the sort of bits that would have been on such a bike if it had been well used or modified back then with period available parts.

Bob Hillery
Stratham, New Hampshire, USA