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Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2010 12:58:56 -0700
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Peugeot used French Reynolds decals. Around 1974 Reynolds added a gold "address box" at the bottom of the frame decals and top of the fork decals.

Does your Peugeot have the fancy Nervex Professional lugs or the short point Nervex DuBois lugs. That would help date the frame and determine the correct decals.

Back in the mid 70s I was told by a very reliable source that Reynolds used 6-7 different suppliers for their decals which would account for some of the differences in appearances. The information may have been right from the horses mouth as I had contacted Reynolds about replacement decals for our shop use (futile effort).

During the early 70s the 531 characters on many French Reynolds decals were a pale gray-green color. I've also seen them range from that color to pale Celeste to light aqua.

For several years back in the late 60s and early 70s some of the French Reynolds 531 decals used on Gitanes and Peugeots had a very faded appearance. The black background was pale gray and the green 531 characters were a very pale gray-green color. The "gold" lettering and outline was a dull yellow. At first I thought that they were faded from the sun but then I saw French bikes come out of the boxes new with those decals.

Another issue, I think that reproduction Reynolds decals have been made from reproductions for so long that color drifts have set in. The green 531 characters have gotten too dark on many of the early style repops.

CR member Greg Softly has repop French Reynolds decals for sale on eBay under Cyclomondo.

Chas. Colerich Oakland, CA USA

Anthony Taylor wrote:
> I have just acquired a nice early '70s PX10E frame-set. It has the Reynolds 531
> "4 star" tubing decal in the right place on the seat tube, and 531 decals on the
> fork blades. The text is in English. I would have thought Peugeot would have
> used French decals.
> Can anyone offer clarification?
> Tony Taylor
> Manchester NH