About the CR Archives

Before its current incarnation as a Google Group, the Classic Rendezvous group lived as a mailing list hosted at bikelist.org (not a link here as its original purpose is no more). The archives of the old list were mostly intact when I came along. I initially converted them to HTML using an old mail-to-HTML converter named MHonArc, just to make them available to current classic & vintage bike nuts as well as the broader public. I then went on with my life.

Time passed and I retired. I wanted something digital to putter around with (I was a software engineer), wanted the site to be more dynamic, and wanted to make it slightly more than a static collection of emails. The current incarnation was built with NGINX, Gunicorn, and Flask. It includes a bit different presentation and navigation (more? better? worse? the jury is still out), as well as a couple functional changes to hopefully make the content more useful.

  • Topics - user-contributed (crowd-sourced?) collections of related emails.
  • Defunct URL rewriting - mapping of defunct web page links to their current equivalent (if they exist, and again, user-contributed).

The archive includes messages from late-2000 through mid-2010, with a smattering of mail outside those boundaries. If you happen to have any messages saved from the gaps between March 2000 and September 2000 or between July 2010 and January 2011, I would appreciate hearing from you, even if your message collection isn't complete. Feedback about the site is always welcome.

Skip Montanaro, Feb 2022