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Subject: [Classicrendezvous] Cold setting (Re: Too-tough tubing-753)

>Have you ever heard that a frame made of Reynolds 753 tubing can't be =
>"cold set" (i.e.bent back into alignment after being twisted in a =
>crash)? Is it true?

This is just Reynolds hype. I've spread at least three 753 rearends from 126mm to 130mm. I've also realigned a few of the fork blades and at least one twisted headtube. I have seen a Raleigh 753 frame bread into three seperate parts after hitting a haybale in a crit race. I've also seen downtubes crack after a header even if there wasn't a ripple in the tube. Many high end tubesets are quite brittle for many reasons that I won't go into here, but you can check the archives of the Framebuilders listserve if you want more info. 753 was just one of the first of these tubings and I've never found it anymore difficult to work on than Tange Prestige. One other thing to think about is the article was written in '83, or maybe earlier, and we know 753 has changed over the years. Most of the 753 I've worked on was produced in the late-80's early-90's, so this might explain why I've never had any problems.

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