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Date: Mon, 04 Dec 2000 20:08:39 -0800
From: John <>
Subject: Re: [CR] To Ride or Not to Ride
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I too, will never own a completely NOS bike of collectible quality, but if I did there is no way, no way I could resist riding it.

John Dunn in Napa Valley where you have to worry about that perfect bike getting cold.

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From: David Bilenkey
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Subject: Re: {ClassicRend]To Ride or Not to Ride

> As I've never owned a brand new road bike, and all of my 'vintage' bikes are in active (occasionally at least) service (ok some are positively rough!), I'm glad I'll never have to worry about that one. I'm pretty sure I'll never be able to afford a completely NOS old beauty so I'm fairly certain I'm not going to have to face this dilemma! (What a cop out eh!) :-)
> IF I ever had a perfect, completely NOS bike I'd probably not ride it though, and that would seem a bit of a shame I think.
> But the NOS ones are great to look at, in fact I'd say just about all the high end bikes I've ever seen are great to look at and (too) many hang on my walls. :-P
> David
> in snowy Ottawa
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