Re: [CR] eBay PX 10

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From: "don andersen" <>
Subject: Re: [CR] eBay PX 10
Date: Tue, 05 Dec 2000 13:22:35

Tom, yes there was a time when they did not use the Nervex Pro's. David Goerndt could propably tell you which lugs were used with a little greater detail but Prugnet and Nervex Non-Pro's were used as well. As a matter of fact, I have a few old pictures showing some of the larger Peugeot Team riders on fillet brazed PX-10's. Though I know of none that were actually produced for the everyday consumer. It probably wasn't even a Peugeot at all-well you know all about "bowlachili's", don't you? I was also told by an old Peugeot importer that they were building so many bikes during the "boom" that they continually ran out of Pro's and built with whatever was laying around. That can probably be validated by the lack of quality and quality control around that time. The bikes spoke for themselves. My '67 was built with much greater care than my '75. I'm sure that David G. could once again attest. I say indulge yourself, give it a good tuneup and enjoy the ride.

Don Andersen

>Need some help. This PX 10 is closing in a day or so on eBay, and I feel
>resolve weakening. But the lug work isn't Nervex. Was there a time when
>10s in the early 70's late 60's didn't use Nervex? The frame has been
>repainted, but looks to be in decent shape.
>Tom Adams
>Barely warm enough to ride Kansas City