Re: [Classicrendezvous] source of Campy NR BB spindles? Now quality decline

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One thing I think everyone has to keep in mind about NOS stuff is that we are now down to the bottom of the barrel. Some of it is just fine and some of it is the stuff that everyone passed on. A few years ago I paid top dollar for a set of Record Pista hubs and ended up returning them (to a gracious dealer) because it was pretty obvious that the bearings were not up to the usual quality. Everyone who worked in a shop knows that they used to hand select their own parts and also get marginal quality returns that went back on the shelf. So over time the proportion of less than great (or outright defective) stuff increases. Sometimes used and run of the mill can be better than NOS and screwed up.

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At 10:28 PM 11/26/00 -0500, gregparker1 wrote:
>I ordered one of these through my LBS at about the same timeframe, and the shop was
> about as pissed off as I was when the BB arrived, and went the extra mile to give
>it to me at cost (which of course, still wasn't what you'd call cheap from E-A)....
>How 'bout the genuine 70-SS Campy ones with the shield logo on the spidle backwards?
>I've gotten a few of those over the years....
>Greg Parker
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>RE: [Classicrendezvous] source of Campy NR BB spindles?
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>> I believe this was the house brand for Euro Asia (American distributor).
>Speaking of Euro-Asia Imports, I purchased an Italian-thread NR bb from them
>a few years ago. When I received it, all was original Campy except the
>spindle. It seemed well machined, but was very obviously not a Campy. No
>markings at all. In my opinion, it didn't run as smooth as a true Campy
>spindle would.
>I felt this was a bit shifty. I understand if the correct spindles were not
>available. But the fact that what was being shipped was not completely a
>Campy product should have been indicated before purchase, either in the
>catalog or apon ordering. Subsequently I've seen NIB campy BB's cheaper than
>what I paid wholesale anyways. I asked E-A who made the spindle, and they
>wouldn't say. Anyone have knowlege of where these were or may have been



>Jon Schaer