Re: [CR] D. Power vintage track bike

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Date: Wed, 01 Aug 2001 12:26:35 -0700
From: "Brian Baylis" <>
To: David Perry <>
Subject: Re: [CR] D. Power vintage track bike
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Never heard of that make before; but how can you top that name?! Perhaps they were only popular amongst the ladies? What does the head tube badge look like, or should I not ask? :-o!

Brian Baylis Considering a name change in La Mesa, CA.
> I recently got a vintage track bike with a name that may offend some computers.
> Headtube decal reads: Dick Power - Racing Bicycles and Equipment -
> Sunnyside, Long Island.
> Downtube decal is mostly scratched but has same shape and style as Alvin
> Drysdale.
> Pictures and description at
> Anyone heard of this? My guess it was made c.1930-40.
> David Perry
> Bike Works NYC